Mark Hollis

It hits hard when music and writers you respect suddenly disappear off the scene.

If you are watching news headlines today (Feb 25) you may notice the sad news that Mark Hollis from Talk Talk has died. No details available as yet but I'm sure more will follow.

Talk Talk, who were from the UK, crossed over from producing some tight, relevant 80's synth-pop-indie rock, out of which they grew their sound into a much more sophisticated and experimental writing. I always found their material inspiring and it made me think twice about what I was trying to achieve when bolting together my own music.

If you wish to listen to some Talk Talk 80's hits, search out these albums: The Party's Over, It's My Life, Talk Talk

If you wish to listen to their more organically recorded, landscape music, try these albums: Laughing Stock, Spirit of Eden, or the more accessible The Colour Of Spring