Strange Fish: Why Eye Couldna Hyde Benign AI

As AI usage is getting ever-increasingly integrated in pretty much everything. I started thinking a little more about the 'what ifs', for the next recording project. I thought it might be interesting to see if


Ah, the summer scent of broken promises and jasmine!

We're in summer mode at long last, but there's still no sign of ELOI.
But wait, friends… I have news.

I've found myself with too much spare material, not unworthy enough…

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Is it really a waste of time putting out albums?

The ongoing and evolving discussions with regard to recording 'albums' in todays music marketplace.

If you scour a number of video and music editorials, you will at some point come across the sincere opinion that it's a waste of time

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Ten Campfire Songs update

Here we go again - and in oh, so many ways!

Christmas is over. Lockdown number two has bitten chunks out of our Gluteus Perseverance Max. And that feeling of isolation has truly set in for many.


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Merging dual musical personalities? Bad dog!

'I've thought long and hard about this, and I'm admittedly apprehensive... but I think it's the way to go'.


Self-serving Compartments

For a long time now I've indulged in many types of music, and over the years I've tinkered, played…

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Are your locks down over Lockdown?

It's a strange feeling to think that you are having a largely shared experience to someone else on an entirely different continent. Covid-19 in its 'vanilla' form (and now clinically dubbed by the mainstream media) has had far-reaching consequences to…

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2 new albums and 20 tracks later

It's January and after the Christmas / winter break I'm looking back at my initial recordings made over the last 6 months.

It does feel a bit like things have slowed in this respect, but in reality I'm doing 'not…

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A new Mesh'd album: The Alternator Ego

While I've been working on one of the two new Big Blue Car albums through 2019, I found myself drawn to playing around with a number of 'sandbox' ideas. These musical pieces are much too synth and sequence based than…

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