New material taking shape

After a restless few months it all starts again..

Big Blue Car is recording.

The usual writing process remains the same; I collect all my odd scraps of recordings from mobile phone videos, dictaphone type recordings and…

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Mark Hollis

It hits hard when music and writers you respect suddenly disappear off the scene.

If you are watching news headlines today (Feb 25) you may notice the sad news that Mark Hollis from Talk Talk has died. No details available…

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New album 'Happy Yet?' finished

After a series of self imposed, on-off moments between 2017-18, the album is done.
In late January it went to the publishers and has since been distributed to streaming and download sites within a few days.

So, now what?


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Radio Interview : Part 1 

I have a chat with Martin Kirby on The Flash radio station and play tracks from the Mortal Orbits EP.

Live Radio Interview

I had the pleasure of dropping in to be part of a live radio interview with Martin Kirby of The Flash radio station.

Martin kindly asked me along to talk on air about Mortal Orbits and played tracks from…

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Mortal Orbits EP released

At last, Mortal Orbits is released and available to download from the usual suspects; Amazon, Google, and Apple. It's also available from a number of streaming services as well.

I'll still offer the EP as a cheaper download here…

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Increased Mortality

I've had some frustrating  issues where Tunecore, Spotify, Apple, etc, who seem to have a slightly different view of what constitutes a 'single', an 'EP' or an 'album'.

The short and long of it is that I would have…

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EP currently in a holding pattern

Yep, we are currently in a holding pattern above planet Tunecore.

The Mortal Orbits EP is done and dusted and was uploaded to my Tunecore account a couple of days ago. I also got the licensing sorted with them…

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New EP for July/August 2018

The June release came and went due to unforseen circumstances. Rest assured it will be released and available some time in July. It will feature three tracks;

  • Mortal Orbits
  • Peaceful Day (Red Tarn version)
  • Hurry On Sundown, an extended…
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