1. Fish Hooks

From the recording Let's Radiate!

Words & Music: Kevin Paul Williams


I sit and wait for her
A glass in my hand
The bar is empty
I sit then I stand
We leave together
Arrive at her home
She starts the ritual
Pulls out the phone

You've got what it takes
But you've seen too many fakes
So watt will re-charge your battery?

Turn the lights down
Reduce the view
In your home town
Of a chosen few
And though your lonely
It's kind of you
Well if you want me
Then I'll want you

You've stayed away so long
When two rights may make a wrong
What risks will you do to save the day?

Caught between
The hot and the cold
The bruised and pouting
The dry and the old
Kindly phone me
To say hello
I guess I wish
But I don't think so

She feels like a hit and run
When it's time for you to come
So pleased with your tidal change

Specifically chose
To be what you will
To sit and wonder
Life's bitter pill
A fine time to journey
That blazing trail
While I was looking up at clouds
Someone hit me when I failed

You've got what it takes
But you've seen too many fakes
So what will it take to change the day?

I've been hooked
And I've toed (towed) that line
Now I'm sinking
Well, that's fine

I've been hooked
As I've towed that line
Now I'm feeling like I'm sinking
But that's fine
That's fine

Words & music: © 2018 BigBlueC