Under The Bonnet

I feel it only right that I should explain myself (or rather my music), so this where you'll find details of various musical projects and collaborations. I've included this section, not because I have anything especially important to say, but because sometimes the music can't tell you everything about itself. Sometimes it needs to be explained.

In the past I've always liked reading through record sleeve notes, when music was gate-folded and multi-layered. So if you feel the need for print and cardboard and wish to snoop around for a bit, this may well be the place for you my friend.

So kick back, feet up, and take a slug of that smoking caffeine - nice.

- Big Blue Car Projects -

ELOI (currently recording)

Big Blue Car Music : Strange Fish

Strange Fish

Big Blue Car : A Dystopian Fetish

A Dystopian Fetish (parts 1 and 2)

Big Blue Car : 10 Campfire Songs

10 Campfire Songs

Big Blue Car : The Sun Rises as Concrete Sets

Sun Rises as Concrete Sets

Big Blue Car album : Happy Yet?

Happy Yet?

Big Blue Car : Mortal Orbits

Mortal Orbits