10 Campfire Songs, the new album from Big Blue Car
10 Campfire Songs Booklet Free-to-download PDF Booklet to accompany the 10 Campfire Songs album 4.25 MB

Sun Rises As Concrete Sets

Organic wavelets oscillating and folding in on themselves as if embarrassed.

A vocally silent album of 90s Electronica, with a side of chilled jazzesque lime, and tinged with a hint of Mr John Barry.

HAPPY YET? videos

All material, (writing & recording, web creation, graphic art / video production), was created in a space measuring 4x4 metres and situated 200 metres above sea level. It was also in a closed setting, and 20 feet from ground level.

88 percent of the material was produced from a 64 degree North/East direction, across a largely 24 month period.
12 percent was not.

Big Blue Car music, Happy Yet?