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Than Ever More Than

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4 second Audio snippets from: [1] The Current Black Pigeon Speaks (2018). [2] The Late Christopher Hitchens (2007).


Meet me in the Graveyard
Iʼll walk you to your front door
Present a box of packages
Theyʼre weapons as a by-law

Meet me by the Rowntree
Iʼll guide you from the city
Weʼll take a bus to Fattiehead
But never throw stone at locals doing cartwheels

My life revolves around your needs
Youʼve earned the right to need me
More than ever

Meet me at the Heroes
Bring your flags of virtue
Iʼll walk you to the front line
And let you represent me

Let me loose your collar
Don't forget your purse and pepper spray
With pockets full of mayhem
Targeting your hurt at the slightest deviation

My needs are served by your resolve
Youʼve earned the right to be me
More than ever
More than evermore

Kiss me in the garden
In a trench under Gethsemane
I'll dab your eyes with Gold Top
Put pepper in your sandwiches

Tie Him down with word-chains
Of latin-laced sticky tape
As victims in a hurry
Our triggers feel so right
When thereʼs nothing much to think about

Let me be guided by your needs
Your indifference needs some guidance
More than ever
More than evermore