1. Peaceful Day

From the recording Happy Yet?

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Peaceful Day

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A thrill is in my hands

On a sharp bright June

My tracks trace the hem of the sea

A path worth wandering
And never once did we think of the time
Slipping by

Peaceful day
Peaceful day

We, snakes in the grass

Drinking warm Corona
While hiding from the our chosen enemies

Sparks under my heels

The slapback click of concrete
As I walk the cooling underpass

Peaceful day
Peaceful day

Lacewing stuttering
It glitters for a while
hen is blown into a patch of open sky

Of all that I am

Of all the things Iʼm not
Well I can gaze upon my own free mind

Peaceful day
Peaceful day

The sky, through beer-shaped glass
A star system that bubbles
In the gaze of a thoughtful man

Hail to my best thing

You pulled me from my drifting

And trapped me in the arms of a better life

Peaceful words are worth more
When being calm and Ernest
Less Austen-tacious
Then a trip to London

Orwell that ends well
Said the Wilde Victorian
The Woolf is at the door
And seems to be re-Joyce-ing

Steel yourself away

Armed with many shaking spears
Weʼll lose you in the night when weʼre
Poe, King in Burroughs

Fortunate wandering

Along the lapping Shaw-line
Picking up Joules from
Deep within the ocean