1. 25 Kites

From the recording Happy Yet?

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25 Kites

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Pride was convinced by the stuff of it
A broad light swings from the roof of it
Crouched low in fear, bends some of it
The coats of the graceful
Hides the disgraceful

Things sensed, closed under

Blind faith will stun ya

Too soon the silence falls like snow

Heart lands, missed moments
Cured by components
Unordered by the clash of lands

Some would desert faith lumbering
But nowhere to send ya

Glowing like an ember

Flew high, at moments

Pulled down, in moments
Reduced the sky for TV sports.

The higher they go, the lower we feel
The lower we go, the purer we are
Cut off their strings quick and shoot them all down
Sameness is fairness

All around us it kept summering

Looked down and saw the gates were closing
As they gathered in their playpens

No land was safe as the hordes rolled in
So they flew

A broad light swung from the roof of it
Broad like the sunlight

Or high as a kite might