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Is it really a waste of time putting out albums?

The ongoing and evolving discussions with regard to recording 'albums' in todays music marketplace.

If you scour a number of video and music editorials, you will at some point come across the sincere opinion that it's a waste of time

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Are your locks down over Lockdown?

It's a strange feeling to think that you are having a largely shared experience to someone else on an entirely different continent. Covid-19 in its 'vanilla' form (and now clinically dubbed by the mainstream media) has had far-reaching consequences to…

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Mark Hollis

It hits hard when music and writers you respect suddenly disappear off the scene.

If you are watching news headlines today (Feb 25) you may notice the sad news that Mark Hollis from Talk Talk has died. No details available…

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Radio Interview : Part 1 

I have a chat with Martin Kirby on The Flash radio station and play tracks from the Mortal Orbits EP.

Live Radio Interview

I had the pleasure of dropping in to be part of a live radio interview with Martin Kirby of The Flash radio station.

Martin kindly asked me along to talk on air about Mortal Orbits and played tracks from…

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