Are your locks down over Lockdown?

It's a strange feeling to think that you are having a largely shared experience to someone else on an entirely different continent. Covid-19 in its 'vanilla' form (and now clinically dubbed by the mainstream media) has had far-reaching consequences to many people throughout the world.

But on a trivial note; as my barber shut down and my hair grew longer, I considered the number of times I made excuses not to go and get my hair cut (4 to be precise). I was doodling with some melancholic chords and phrases while considering punishing myself with a recent purchase of some electric clippers.

After watching a few Youtube tutorials on cutting your own hair, I realised this little ditty pretty much sounded like my regret of putting things off and the further trepidation into unknown shearing territory.

Anyway this piece can be watch-heard here:

It will probably morph into a proper track for the next Big Blue Car project 'Campfire Songs' - it won't be about hair, nor will it have anything to do with pandemics or perceived police states and abuse of 'the science'.

Here's a thought; I wonder who will be the first to release a proper post Covid-19 song?
I don't mean just some charity number, but a full blown original with humanitarian bias and desperate anti-gov commentary written all over it... Roger, over to you.


Let's hope we can all get back to a sensible form of normality soon because the conversation is getting a little frayed and overly-expansive on all sides.

In the meantime, keep well.