Under the bonnet of 10 Campfire Songs

10 Campfire Songs album from Big Blue Car


Songs for those who have lost their way

10 Campfire Songs plots a small, unknown and personal journey of nobody. 

Like many of us, nobody wants to reclaim themselves from beneath the chaotic curtain-play of a post- postmodernity; A theatrical examination, where the ‘Reality Of Things’ is diminished by the uncertainty of language. Where its philosophical pandering leads to meaninglessness.

So nobody switches off, and nobody goes for a long walk. Swapping a mobile phone for a backpack and colleagues for a single-persona womb. 

Out and into an older world, nobody is hoping to find his unfettered and still dangerous nature of things.  It’s time to hear the thinking of a somebody. And (maybe), it’s time for us all to practice the art of survival once again.

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1. A Pin, Dropped (reset)
The point at which nobody breaks with the corporate tradition.

2. All That You Carry
The point at which baggage is dropped.

3. A Peaceful First Night (atheist prayer)
The point of a first silence and loss of time.

4. A Jar Of Fireflies
Collecting thoughts like sparks which still feel contained.

5. Lazy Summer
The quirky child-play of a four year old Felix and his imaginary friends (Summer 1978).

6. Lost And Found (discarded koan)
The point at which total isolation makes anything seem like it has a soul or a meaning.

7. The Bewilder Retreat
While walking a mountain trail, nobody glimpses a tall, white, mountaintop holiday retreat, through the trees. The walk up however, always leads you down.

For my mother Sheila May Williams and all those who are living, either directly or indirectly, with the effects of dementia.

8. The Jug Train Song
Ghost trains, playing in streams and rivers, and the traditions that no longer impose themselves on 'the liberated'.

9. Knock, Knock
To the memory of my sister, Kim.

10. The Peaceful Second Night (slideshow)
The surprising fallout of using a mountainside as a projector for those old home movies.

11. And Then The Fire Went Out
The ritual of 'feeding the flame' until it chooses your time to leave.

12. Long Journeys In Small Cars
Returning home with a new-found reason, and the joy of being with good intentions.