Increased Mortality

I've had some frustrating  issues where Tunecore, Spotify, Apple, etc, who seem to have a slightly different view of what constitutes a 'single', an 'EP' or an 'album'.

The short and long of it is that I would have to either delete the words EP on my artwork and title, or add a further track. Although Tunecore don't specify the difference between and album and an EP on their upload site they generally say that an EP is 3+ songs. Spotify see's an EP as being 4+ and as I had included them in my stores list it would have failed their criteria.

Frustrating yes, but In a way this is all good. I've now added an instrumental track which has been kicking around for a little while now (God's Drone).

I should get the green light from Tunecore in a few days who will then distribute it out to the stores and streaming services - we hope.