A new Mesh'd album: The Alternator Ego

While I've been working on one of the two new Big Blue Car albums through 2019, I found myself drawn to playing around with a number of 'sandbox' ideas. These musical pieces are much too synth and sequence based than is comfortable for inclusion within the BBC style, so I'm now looking at completing and releasing a third album in the new year. This will be released under the Mesh'd title.

I've used Mesh'd before but not been able to legally publish previous recordings - essentially because they have many soundbites from prominent films and I just didn't want to tempt fate. Even after having a brief email conversation with Public Service Broadcastings almost-front-man, J. Willgoose, Esq. who suggested just going for it and sorting it out later ('it's probably never going to be heard, so don't worry about it' - until you attain a higher profile). But I just couldn't face it what with 70% of the material washed in copyright which wasn't mine.


However, with this later material I've steered clear of using any recordings I don't own, so that problem just goes away.

This new Mesh'd album will probably be titled 'Sun Rises As Concrete Sets'. I may go with this particular cover (opposite). Out of the few roughs I put together, I quite like the slightly subdued, older graphical feel and colour of this one.

So... three albums in all; two Big Blue Car and one Mesh'd. Not bad, and I may well get the Mesh'd album and one of the BBC albums - probably Campfire Songs, out at the same time, which looks to be March-May 2020.