1. Mortal Orbits

From the recording Mortal Orbits EP

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On the water, sirens pulled him down
Creeping daylight blinds the night sky

Starfield stallion in a coal mine
Northward points to, one cold straight line

Swung out on your own
Gathered pace and ideas
Stars that regard you
Spin at your side

Those we know, come and go
Hitched to each other and round-they-go
Close enough, sad enough
But we don’t fall like rain

Wander wider, so it comes back round
Heavens meadow, like a junkyard

Three tall angels, mischievous and blind
Sent you home once, through a car park

No song was sung
In this velvet arcade
Magnets of strangeness
Spin deep inside

All we know
The satellite
Looks down on earth and can’t let go

Those we know
Come and go
But we don’t fall like rain

Fifty point eight one three, six six three
Minus two point forty seven
Forty seven, seven, seven, seven