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He trod on the tails of the Union
And carried some words in his coat
While out walking once in the city
He dug his own personal moat

For all the people scorned

Few had been less mourned

Leapt into the future

He will live alone
He will live alone

It fills his head, but not his bed
Dreams like these won't take you home

Wide and pale, high and frail

Days like these won't bring you home

She dreamt she had wings and a stallion
But travelled the world in a boat

While boarding a ship from Southampton
Still grasping the letter he wrote

Her feelings were returned
Her stomach feels the burn

She leaps into the future

She will be alone
For a while she sleeps alone

Find a trail, be less frail
Days like these will take you home

Climbed and scaled, tried and failed

Itʼs not just dreams that bring you home

All the helping hands
Opened up the lands

Prosper and bewilder
For the moment, building homes
And still they slept alone

The key was in the lock

The lock was on the door
The door sat in itʼs doorframe
The frame set in the floor
Open up the door

The floor explains the room
covered by the walls
Which rise up to a ceiling
And then another floor
Beneath more waiting doors

Other lives will come
As otherʼs lives have gone
We gathered in our kitchens
All have found their home
You too will find your home