upcoming releases

The first of 3 ELOI releases - landing soon

Due to excess material added along the way, ELOI will be released as three distinct projects.

The first will be a two track single:
A Dystopian Fetish In Two Parts (released 21 Oct 23)

The second will now be a 6 track EP, and will be released in April/May 2024:
Strange Fish

The third will be the full album:
ELOI (2024 release)

current album release

10 Campfire Songs

Was released in July 2022 while working on initial tracks which would later become part of ELOI.

10 Campfire Songs is partly an exercise of using a limited set of instrumentation and simplified recording techniques.

Sometimes you need to lose yourself, to be able to find your way again.


Strange Fish: Why Eye Couldna Hyde Benign AI

As AI usage is getting ever-increasingly integrated in pretty much everything. I started thinking a little more about the 'what ifs', for the next recording project. So I thought it might be interesting to see

Sun Rises As Concrete Sets

Organic wavelets oscillating and folding in on themselves as if embarrassed.

A vocally silent album of 90s Electronica from Big Blue Car and Mesh'd Projects. Accompanied throughout with a side of chilled jazzesque lime, and tinged with a hint of Mr John Barry.

10 Campfire Songs Booklet / Lyrics

10 Campfire Songs - booklet

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