Ah, the summer scent of broken promises and jasmine!

We're in summer mode at long last, but there's still no sign of ELOI.
But wait, friends… I have news.

I've found myself with too much spare material, not unworthy enough to throw away or ignore. I also don't want to over-burden the next album with too many tracks, so I have decided to put out a quick pre-release before the ELOI project release.

Strange Fish EP
Strange Fish EP Cover  

So, the next 'EP' if you will, is going to be titled 'Strange Fish' and is a sort of precursor, or side project to ELOI.

It will most probably be released with just 5 or 6 tracks.

The cover is done (I think), and I'm now tinkering around with some slightly different sounds.

Speaking of which…

New Freaky Toy
Alturia MicroFreak Synth  

I've also just bought a little Arturia MicroFreak synth, which is being used on both Strange Fish and  ELOI.

It's been great fun getting to grips with programming it - especially after installing the latest V5 firmware update.

V5 firmware now adds some smart vocoder, granular and sampling functionality.


That's all for now.
Strange Fish will drop soon.